How Person of the Year Elon Musk Built His Fortune

If you want to become a billionaire—and you didn’t happen to be born into the Saudi royal family—there are a few ways to get the job done. You could come up with one seriously good idea, like a new computer operating system or social network, and then build it into a gigantic company. Or you could take the Warren Buffet route, making a decades-long series of shrewd, low–…

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Controversial Investment Guru Cathie Wood Wants to Help You Trust the Stock Market Again

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Cathie Wood is CEO, CIO and founder of ARK Invest, a closely watched investment fund known for its prescient high risk, high reward strategy (Wood was early on Bitcoin and Tesla) and radical transparency (she explains her decisions to buy and sell in a public newsl…

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Sam Altman Avoids the Zuckerberg Treatment

At a Senate hearing on Tuesday, the CEO of OpenAI Sam Altman received a warm welcome from lawmakers, many of whom expressed surprise at his main argument: that AI should be regulated, and fast.

It was a far cry from the grueling ordeals that tech CEOs have previously faced on Capitol Hill. Mark Zuckerberg, Jack Dorsey and Shou Zi Chew have all endured antagonistic Senate hearings in recen…

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Underperforming Companies Sacrifice Diversity

Companies that are underperforming in comparison to their competitors or to their goals are more likely to experience a decrease in racial and gender diversity rates on their boards, a newly released study has found.

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Price of Eggs Skyrockets 13% in a Single Month

Grocery prices are continuing to rise—although more slowly. That bit of good news is likely to be little consultation to Americans who are continuing to see the prices of staples skyrocket.

  • The price of a dozen grade A eggs rose 13.4% in a single month to $4.82
  • Butter rose in price by 1.5%, to $4.88 per pound
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  • 6 Things to Know (About Yourself) to Have a Successful Black Friday

    For many years, Americans have had a holiday right after Thanksgiving that prompted a lot of buying. It is called Christmas. But it was a whole month away, and allegedly predicated on some non-retail themed historical event, so unto us a new ritual was born, known as Black Friday. It too has history; it’s the day when many retailers’ accounts move into the black. To mark this miracu…

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    Twitter Now Worth One-Third of What Musk Paid for It

    Twitter is now worth just one-third of what Elon Musk paid for the social-media platform, according to Fidelity, which recently marked down the value of its equity stake in the company.

    Musk has acknowledged he overpaid for Twitter, which he bought for $44 billion, including $33.5 billion in equity. More recently, he said Twitter is worth less than half what he paid for it. It’s unc…

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    Why Hawaiian Electric Is Facing a Lawsuit

    In the wake of wildfires that ripped through Maui last week, many are seeking answers about what caused the deadliest wildfire in the U.S. in over a century. That search has put Hawaiian Electric, which serves 95% of the island state’s 1.4 million residents, in the spotlight. The utility provider is facing a lawsuit over alleged inaction in the face of the destructive Lahaina wildfire that ha…

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    Why Businesses Must Stop Disregarding People With Disabilities

    After having been cast aside for years, equality of gender, race, and sexuality have risen up the ranks of importance to become issues that are addressed in the boardroom. Yet one category is strikingly absent: disability inclusion. Perhaps this is because disability comes in many forms, and as a result necessitates a multi-layered, thorough approach. One could also argue that there is an uncon…

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