Why Willie Mays Still Matters

Willie Mays represents so much, for so many.

He brought a certain joy and whimsy to the game of baseball, which during Mays’ heyday in the mid-20th century was the dominant sport in America. He was a true sports superstar, embraced by all swaths of America, at a time when many Black Americans still suffered under the awful indignities of Jim Crow.

And as revealed in Say He…

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The Beijing Opening Ceremony Leaned Into Politics

In the run-up to the 2022 Winter Olympics in Beijing, China has insisted on keeping politics and sports separate. When the U.S. and allies announced a diplomatic boycott of the Games, China said the Olympics should not be used as “a stage for political posturing and manipulation.”

But as the Games formally kicked off on Friday, it was clear that Chinese officials were not pla…

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