How Technology Can Help Us Remember Better

In the digital age, we have the technology to document our lives in extraordinary detail via photographs, voice recordings, and social media posts. In theory, this ability to effortlessly capture the important moments of our lives should enrich our ability to remember those moments. But in practice, people often tell me they experience the opposite.

I study the neuroscience of memory and …

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‘Power Poses’ Don’t Actually Work. Try These Confidence-Boosting Strategies Instead

Just how powerful are power poses? Not very, as it turns out.

Ever since a widely read study was published in Psychological Science in 2010 — which showed that taking a moment alone before an important meeting to assume one of two power poses can boost your self-confidence, and even change your hormone levels — power poses have become a self-help sensation. The poses …

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Why Waking Up Earlier Isn’t Necessarily Better

A favorite trope of sleep research is to divide the entire human population into two cute, feathered categories: early birds (also called larks) and night owls. Often, these studies link people’s natural sleep patterns—called their chronotype—with some waking behavior or personality trait.

It doesn’t take long to see which team more often comes out on top. (Hint: …

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What’s the Point of PCR Tests Anymore-

If you had COVID-19 symptoms in 2020, you probably would have masked up and braved a visit to a laboratory, doctor’s office, or clinic to get a polymerase chain reaction (PCR) test. A health care worker would have shoved a swab up your nose, and then you would have waited a day or two, if not more, to get your results.

Now, you’d likely use an at-home test, which spits out res…

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With NASA’s Orion Abort-System Test, Americans Just Took a Small (and Very Big) Step Closer to the Moon

It was a modest little rocket scheduled to make a modest little flight, and yet an awful lot of people showed up at Cape Canaveral before dawn this morning to watch it happen. They had good reason to be there. With the flight, America’s planned return to the moon by 2024 moved a small but critical step closer.

Easily the most harrowing part of the next lunar flight will be the first…

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You Can Now Get a COVID-19 Vaccine in China

Li Shurui didn’t hesitate. Faced with putting his life on hold indefinitely or the risk of catching COVID-19 by returning to university in the U.K., the 22-year-old business student decided to roll up his sleeve and receive an experimental coronavirus vaccine.

Two injections of CoronaVac made by SinoVac (otherwise known as Beijing Kexing Bioproducts) cost 2,000 rmb ($300) at the pri…

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