Rich People Are Threatening Cities’ Water Supplies

From Phoenix to Tehran to Mumbai, water shortages are becoming an ever greater concern for city officials. And when the wells run dry, we tend to blame two things: climate change for increasing droughts, and population growth, for putting more pressure on local resources.

But a study published Monday in the journal Nature Sustainability argues that we’re overlooking another …

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Jack In The Box Adds New Double Bacon Sourdough Jack, New Sauced & Loaded Potato Wedges And Much More

Here’s a closer look at the latest arrivals:

  • Double Bacon Sourdough Jack: Two 100% beef patties, seasoned as they grill, double hickory smoked bacon, tomato, two melty cheeses, mayo and ketchup on the brand’s signature toasted sourdough bread. The Double Bacon Sourdough Jack can be enjoyed on its own or as part of a combo served with fries and a drink.
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