Why Businesses Must Stop Disregarding People With Disabilities

After having been cast aside for years, equality of gender, race, and sexuality have risen up the ranks of importance to become issues that are addressed in the boardroom. Yet one category is strikingly absent: disability inclusion. Perhaps this is because disability comes in many forms, and as a result necessitates a multi-layered, thorough approach. One could also argue that there is an uncon…

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The Best K-Pop Songs and Albums of 2022

While rookie girl groups impressed like no other when it came to K-pop in 2022, they were not the only ones cementing a place in the year’s best music. Veteran performers like Girls’ Generation’s Taeyeon proved why she’s a giant in the industry, and fourth-generation boy groups like Treasure showed that their star continues to rise.

The best K-pop songs and albums…

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