Antibody Tests Don’t Mean a Ton Right Now. But That Could Change Soon

In the largest study to date looking at the antibodies produced by people who have recovered from COVID-19, researchers uncovered a few surprises that could have implications for not only how useful antibody-based treatments might be, but also what the results from an individual’s antibody test actually means.

Right now, most people that get antibody tests want to learn if they have…

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We aRe Spin Dye signs collab deal with Hugo Boss

WRSD said that “Hugo Boss has a clear agenda for how they will gradually become even more sustainable” as the German group targets being climate-neutral by 2050. One of its intermediate goals is to have reduced total water consumption by 40% by 2025 and WRSD “is expected to be involved [in this] and contribute with competence and technology”. คำพูดจาก Read more