Trainers, tops, social media and delivery choice are key for fashion e-tail – report

The survey showed that T-shirts and tops are the most commonly purchased clothing items with 46% of e-shoppers buying them, while plenty of them also buy jeans online (30% are planning to buy a pair in the next year.)In footwear, trainers (72%) are the most commonly purchased item, with sandals next (50%), followed by smart shoes (38%) and boots (34%).

The report showed social media playing a big part in influencing e-shopping purchasing decisions. Some 49% of online shoppers “consider social media influential when purchasing clothing and accessories,” we’re told. And within this, digital content about discounts and offers is influential (48%), followed by friends’ recommendations (42%) and retailer ads (41%).Peer-to-peer recommendations are also crucial in driving footwear purchasing decisions. Almost three in five footwear shoppers consider social media to influence their purchases. Offers (56%) and friends’ recommendations (50%) have a bigger impact than celebrity endorsements (17%) and blogger recommendations (28%).Consumers are clearly dedicating a large chunk of their fashion budgets to online shopping. Taken across a three-month period, the survey showed the “average” clothing shopper (who’s aged 46, more likely to be female and living in the suburbs) spending £28 online compared to £27 spent in-store per month. These consumers choose to buy clothing online because they can make purchases in their own time (64%), are attracted by a wider choice of products (53%) and can find cheaper prices (42%).The average footwear e-shopper, is a bit younger (aged 42) and spends £27 online compared to £22 in-store. They buy for the same reasons (and in roughly the same percentages) as clothing shoppers.The quality of the delivery experience plays a key role in driving clothing customers onlineคำพูดจาก สล็อตออนไลน์. Factors that would encourage customers to shop more online include delivery tracking (20%) and the option to collect items (14%). Some 42% are prepared to pay more for the convenience of a home delivery and 56% would track every item they order, if the service was available.The delivery experience is also important for footwear with 64% of shoppers feeling more confident when ordering online with tracking. Some 59% would track every item they order if they could.
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